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Performing a recovery after a RESETLOGS operation

The resetlogs clause is required in most incomplete recovery to open the database.
In versions prior to 10g, this command invalidated the backups you already have.
From Oracle 10g, this problem has been fixed and the process behind the “”resetlogs” command has been reviewed. In order to demonstrate that, I have simulated 2 successive disasters.
The explanation of the commands performed in this demonstration is in the scope of this article.

You can see in the last screen, the second recover without “resetlogs” have reset the logs from the last available archivelog. In this demonstration, the complete recovery succeed using the backup made before the first apply of the “resetlogs” command. As a conclusion, from 10g it is possible to perform a complete recovery using the backup performed before the incomplete recovery (with resetlogs command).
It’s possible to Perform a recovery after a RESETLOGS operation using the same backup.
(Sorry about the quality of the images, you can watch them better by clicking on them. I will soon replace them by screens with better quality).


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  1. Hello, Sorry but I dont understand exactly what happened to you.
    Could you explain more?

    Comment by orawiss — January 23, 2011 @ 8:11 pm | Reply

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