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September 16, 2010

Duplicate an Oracle 11gR2 Using RMAN

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In this demonstration, we are going to duplicate the database, connecting to a target database and an auxiliary database.
Both databases are running in 11g release 2 version.

Applies to:

Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release
Information in this document applies to any platform.

Environment test details:

Operating system: Windows XP service pack 2
Database Version: Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release (32 bit)
Source database name: ORAWI01
Clone database name: ORAWI2


This document gives a step by step guide about how to clone an Oracle database to a different database using RMAN duplicate command.


After setup of the listener and tnsnames.ora.

1- Test the connection of the source and auxiliary databases:

2- Create pfile for target database from source database :

3- Note the control files and Redolog files locations of both databases :

4- Add log_file_name_convert and db_file_name_convert for control files and log files new locations :

The following screen is showing the Pfile.ora file of the Source database :

The following screen is showing the new Pfile.ora file of the Auxiliary database :

5- Create the password file for the auxiliary ORAWI2 database:

6- Make sure that all the destination directories mentioned in the new pfile.ora exist in the auxiliary database. The following screen is showing the table SYS.TEST_DUP doesn`t exist in the auxiliary database. Bring the auxiliary database in nomount mode with the new pfile.ora.

7- make sure the primary, source database is running in ARCHIVELOG mode :

8- create a new table SYS.TEST_DUP in the source database for test and siwtch the logfiles:

9- Connect to RMAN target database and perform a backup :

10- Connect to the auxiliary database and perform the duplication :

11- Make sure that SUS:TEST_DUP exists in the auxiliary ORAWI2 database :

Conclusion :

The duplication of an 11g database is a straightforward process. You just make sure of adjusting and following some steps and you get your database duplicated efficiently.

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